Step By Step Secrets to Creating High Ticket Funnels

Russell Brunson is the master at selling High Ticket Coaching products. In the episode we reveal the step by step secrets on how to create high ticket sales funnels that convert. We discuss when to use high ticket sales funnels and how to drive leads in to your funnel for pennies and most for free.

Show Notes

[1:30] What is a High Ticket?
[6:10] How to drive the market into your High Ticket Funnel?
[12:50] What you really want make sure you put into your High Ticket Funnel.
[14:55] What to do on the second page of your funnel.
[18:25] How to knock down the barriers and build trust for your customer.
[22:05] Getting them indoctrinated with “your” world.
[23:00] What to do when you call your customer.

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